Salmon Quinoa Burger

1lb. Salmon (chopped or food processed) About 1 1/2 cuppish cooked Quinoa (cooked in rice cooker with 2:1 water:quinoa ratio) 1/2 chopped yellow onion 4-5 chopped garlic cloves 2-3 stalks chopped scallions 1-2 whole eggs S + P In my house, every Monday is: Burger Monday! Each Monday is different and often times we experiment with creating new recipes. Here is one of my favorites!   Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. In need of a nutritional quarantine clean-up?  Feel free to reach out! Sauté your onion + garlic. Add salmon. Add quinoa. Let cool. Add 1 egg. Is it too dry? Add another. Form in to patties and throw those babies on the burner until golden brown + slightly crispy. We prefer cast iron. DRESSING: 1/4 c plain Greek/European Yogurt Chopped Chives Trader Joe’s ‘Everyday seasoning’ READ MORE


Taco Tuesday + Cinco De Mayo Recipe!

Your Content Goes Here How rare is it that Cinco De Mayo lands on a Taco Tuesday?So naturally we should celebrate with some delicious and healthy tacos! While take out is always a good option, you never truly know what ingredients they are using so why not make it at home! I bet you may even like it better, plus you won’t fill up on the chips and salsa before you actually eat your meal! There are so many variations of fish choices, guacamole recipes, etc. but here are a few of my favorites! I chose Mahi Mahi because it is a thicker white meat fish that doesn’t just fall apart when you cook it. It is also good at holding onto the flavors you cook it in!Avocado oil is important because of its high burning temperature. This heat ability is necessary for searing the READ MORE

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Banana Bread – Gluten Free, Vegan Recipe

Gluten Free, Vegan Banana Bread!We have all stocked up on produce and ready to eat healthy…but then your bananas start to turn. What do you do? Make Banana Bread of course!There are so many different variations but this one is tried and true! So many people are trying to eat more plant based and gluten free; and if it tastes just as good and is even healthier for you, then why not? So here is the recipe for Gluten Free and Vegan Banana Bread. This is great for breakfast, a little snack, or anytime you want something sweet but not too sweet!Ingredients:3 – Very Ripe (but not quite black) Bananas½ Cup – Vegetable Oil1 Cup – Coconut Sugar2 T – Egg Replacer (with 4 Tsp water) – Bob’s Redmill2 Cup – Gluten Free Flour – Bob’s Redmill1 t – Baking SodaPinch of Baking Powder1.5t – Vanilla Extract½ READ MORE

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Blueberry Açai Smoothie Recipe

BLUEBERRY AÇAI SMOOTHIE Superfoods for your super health!   Post-workout is an optimal time to replenish your body with precious nutrients to help you recover quickly and stay lean. This smoothie is packed with a healthy dose of fats that support immunity, brain health, heart health, skin and hair health...and it tastes delicious! Tell me, why wouldn't you drink this smoothie? 1/2 packet Acai 1/2 C Blueberries 1/4 C Spinach *1/2 C Almond Milk 1 scoop Protein powder of choice *1 TBS unsweetened, powdered PB (for taste) 1 tsp Chia Seeds 1 tsp unsweetened shredded Coconut *1 tsp Cacao Nibs 1 tsp Hemp Seeds *1 tsp unsweeteneed, natural peanut butter *I prefer my smoothies thick like ice cream but feel free to add liquid to create your desired consistency. *If legumes or Peanut Butter, specifically, are not part of your diet: omit PB powder READ MORE

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Upgrade Your Snack Game!

Upgrade Your Snack Game!Looking to upgrade your boring snack game for your kids at home during social isolation?Try these tummy-filling apple rings! Apples have been the ONE fruit I have been able to consistently find at the grocery stores and they pack a nutritious and delicious punch.I recommend starting with a Granny smith apple as they are slightly lower in sugar and carbs, 22% higher in fiber, and contain 63% more protein than their red apple counterparts.Start by rinsing the apple really well. Core the middle of the apple and slice it sideways so you have a donut shaped ring.Choosing a base like peanut butter, almond butter, or chocolate hummus will give you a good, sticky base for other toppings to stick and provides a great source of even more protein and satiating fats to keep you and your kiddo fuller for longer. Now the fun toppings! You can READ MORE

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