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Are you experiencing any neck discomfort with your crunches?

 Are you experiencing any neck discomfort with your crunches?A faulty movement pattern with crunches and other core work can lead to neck discomfort, headaches and/or postural imbalances. A quick fix of how you position your neck and tongue can make a world of difference to your core form. In these, quarantined times, the continuation of your commitment to fitness at home has been truly amazing.Performing abdominal exercises (especially crunches) is preferred on a stability ball, but not all of us have access to this type of equipment when not in the gym. We tend to coach most of our core work from the ground (which is perfectly acceptable) but I wanted to offer a few pointers to ensure you are gaining the most from your effort.We have neck muscles (cervical flexors) that help stabilize the head during abdominal exercises. Improper form can lead to deactivating crucial stabilization muscles and over work others READ MORE


Salmon Quinoa Burger

1lb. Salmon (chopped or food processed) About 1 1/2 cuppish cooked Quinoa (cooked in rice cooker with 2:1 water:quinoa ratio) 1/2 chopped yellow onion 4-5 chopped garlic cloves 2-3 stalks chopped scallions 1-2 whole eggs S + P In my house, every Monday is: Burger Monday! Each Monday is different and often times we experiment with creating new recipes. Here is one of my favorites!   Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. In need of a nutritional quarantine clean-up?  Feel free to reach out! Sauté your onion + garlic. Add salmon. Add quinoa. Let cool. Add 1 egg. Is it too dry? Add another. Form in to patties and throw those babies on the burner until golden brown + slightly crispy. We prefer cast iron. DRESSING: 1/4 c plain Greek/European Yogurt Chopped Chives Trader Joe’s ‘Everyday seasoning’ READ MORE


Family Bonding With Movement And Play

Family Bonding With Movement and Play Leading into 2020, time seemed to go by faster and faster. The hustle and bustle of a quickly advancing world dangled new goals and dreams at every corner of the block. Now that the Roaring 2020s have arrived, expectations of excitement have been challenged. Quarantines and Stay At Home Orders have sent many Americans into a frenzy to find toilet paper and social connection.The Roaring 2020s brought America to a roaring halt and this may be just what families needed. A 2018 studydiscovered that the average American family with school-age children only spends 37 minutes together on weekdays and 2 hours and 40 minutes together on weekends, largely due to hectic schedules. Now that schedules have been cleared, families have nothing but time! So what’s next?Movement and Play! It strengthens the family bond and it relieves the ever-present stir craze! How exactly does READ MORE


Taco Tuesday + Cinco De Mayo Recipe!

Your Content Goes Here How rare is it that Cinco De Mayo lands on a Taco Tuesday?So naturally we should celebrate with some delicious and healthy tacos! While take out is always a good option, you never truly know what ingredients they are using so why not make it at home! I bet you may even like it better, plus you won’t fill up on the chips and salsa before you actually eat your meal! There are so many variations of fish choices, guacamole recipes, etc. but here are a few of my favorites! I chose Mahi Mahi because it is a thicker white meat fish that doesn’t just fall apart when you cook it. It is also good at holding onto the flavors you cook it in!Avocado oil is important because of its high burning temperature. This heat ability is necessary for searing the READ MORE

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Banana Bread – Gluten Free, Vegan Recipe

Gluten Free, Vegan Banana Bread!We have all stocked up on produce and ready to eat healthy…but then your bananas start to turn. What do you do? Make Banana Bread of course!There are so many different variations but this one is tried and true! So many people are trying to eat more plant based and gluten free; and if it tastes just as good and is even healthier for you, then why not? So here is the recipe for Gluten Free and Vegan Banana Bread. This is great for breakfast, a little snack, or anytime you want something sweet but not too sweet!Ingredients:3 – Very Ripe (but not quite black) Bananas½ Cup – Vegetable Oil1 Cup – Coconut Sugar2 T – Egg Replacer (with 4 Tsp water) – Bob’s Redmill2 Cup – Gluten Free Flour – Bob’s Redmill1 t – Baking SodaPinch of Baking Powder1.5t – Vanilla Extract½ READ MORE

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