Family Bonding With Movement and Play


Leading into 2020, time seemed to go by faster and faster. The hustle and bustle of a quickly advancing world dangled new goals and dreams at every corner of the block. Now that the Roaring 2020s have arrived, expectations of excitement have been challenged. Quarantines and Stay At Home Orders have sent many Americans into a frenzy to find toilet paper and social connection.

The Roaring 2020s brought America to a roaring halt and this may be just what families needed. A 2018 studydiscovered that the average American family with school-age children only spends 37 minutes together on weekdays and 2 hours and 40 minutes together on weekends, largely due to hectic schedules. Now that schedules have been cleared, families have nothing but time! So what’s next?

Movement and Play! It strengthens the family bond and it relieves the ever-present stir craze! How exactly does movement and play strengthen family bonds?


Very Well Family says that active family time:

  • Creates the memories worth treasuring (those filled with laughter)
  • Frees parents from daily duties
  • Shows children that they are worth spending time with
  • Allows kids to feel the sense of power and mastery that is critical for development

Deseret News says that exercising together:

  • Helps kids to feel a sense of closeness with their parents
  • Enables kids to identify their parents as more than working people
  • Allows the whole family to participate in reshaping the family’s culture
  • Lowers the anxiety of children and parents that often puts a strain on connection

Mindful Living Network says that movement and play:

  • Grows children’s brains
  • Allows children to share fun activities with their parents
  • Develops great health practices
  • Strengthens family communication skills

From memories, to laughter, to stronger brains, and to stronger bodies, movement and play makes stronger families. Now is the time to show the world that good can come out of the worst circumstances. Let’s make the 2020s a time worth remembering by actively connecting with our families!

Below are some ideas on how to engage in active play indoors!

  • Build a Ninja Course: Show off your moves as you and your kiddos race under chairs and juggle bean bags (or other small objects) into laundry baskets.
  • Play Hot Potato: Energize your family with this quick pass game! Those potatoes can get really hot!
  • Play Dance Games: Let loose and smile often! Dancing is a sure way to break the ice.
  • Balance Games: Walk a windy line with a Jell-O mold on your head! Everyone will be laughing as you try not to jiggle the Jell-O… Or worse, drop the Jell-O!
  • Charades (Try the Heads Up! App): Communicate with action and watch your family connect!
  • Yoga!: Make your kiddos happy with the Happy Baby pose! Inhale the zen, exhale the joy.
  • The Floor Is LAVA!: Move quickly from object to object and never touch the floor. THE FLOOR IS LAVA! Who will be the last one standing?
  • Musical Chairs: Sneak around the circle of chairs in this classic game as your favorite songs play and race to sit in a chair when the music stops!
  • Turn Household Chores into Make-Believe Games: Toss the flames of fire (aka laundry) into the Laughter Crusher Monster stakeouts (aka laundry machine) to save your family’s smiles!
  • Balloon Volleyball: Color your house with easy to clean balloons as you toss them to your kiddos! Be sure to never let the balloons touch the floor!

Enjoy your family time! Comment on this blog with suggestions for future blog topics!