Upgrade Your Snack Game!

Looking to upgrade your boring snack game for your kids at home during social isolation?

Upgrade Your Snack Game

Try these tummy-filling apple rings! Apples have been the ONE fruit I have been able to consistently find at the grocery stores and they pack a nutritious and delicious punch.

  1. I recommend starting with a Granny smith apple as they are slightly lower in sugar and carbs, 22% higher in fiber, and contain 63% more protein than their red apple counterparts.
  2. Start by rinsing the apple really well. Core the middle of the apple and slice it sideways so you have a donut shaped ring.
  3. Choosing a base like peanut butter, almond butter, or chocolate hummus will give you a good, sticky base for other toppings to stick and provides a great source of even more protein and satiating fats to keep you and your kiddo fuller for longer.


Now the fun toppings! You can try adding:

  • Toasted or regular coconut flakes or shreds
  • Dark chocolate chips (or semi sweet chips)
  • Yogurt chips
  • Yogurt drizzle
  • Graham cracker crumbs
  • Marshmallows
  • Crushed cocoa nibs
  • Cereal bits
  • Pretzel pieces
  • Any other nuts 
  • Dried fruit or banana slices

The possibilities for creative snacking are endless! Enjoy!


Christa Grau


Christa is a lover of all things fitness and yoga. With her love for Yoga and desire to deepen her practice, she decided to get her 200-hour yoga certification in 2015 with Fortis and YogaLux. She felt it was one of the best decisions she had ever made! If you don’t see her in the studio, you can usually find her outdoors! She loves to be out in nature and likes to walk, hike, and go camping with friends and family.