Many people have asked me “How Can I manage maintaining a healthy lifestyle while you travel for work?” Traveling often complicates your healthy lifestyle efforts. Here are 10 tips to keep you on track!

1 -Plan Ahead

Plan ahead and pack healthy, filling snacks. Some ideas include good quality beef or turkey jerky, apples, dried fruit (make sure no added sugar, sulfites, preservatives or other additives), nuts/trail mix, seeds, and raw veggies. If your hotel has a small refrigerator, you can bring (or buy when you arrive) hard-boiled eggs, hummus, and other healthy refrigerated options.

2 – Hydrate (With Water)

Drink a lot of water prior to flying/driving. If flying, choose water and/or herbal tea from the drink cart. Always bring you reusable water bottle with you when you travel. As long as it is empty, you can bring it through security at an airport, and then fill it at the gate. Water at airports or hotels is often expensive, and can hinder your hydrating efforts.

3 – Choose Wisely

If entertaining and eating at restaurants, choose simple dishes! Baked chicken or fish with olive oil and steamed veggies are an easy option, and most restaurants have no issue accommodating this request. Another great option is a salad with a protein like chicken or salmon. Also, research restaurant menus ahead of time so you have time to plan out a healthy choice, and which items to steer clear of!

4 – Exercise!

Even if you can only squeeze in 20 minutes before a long day of business meetings, that is worth it and will definitely help keep you on track! Most hotels have a fitness center, and if not, take a walking or jogging tour of the city you are visiting.

5 – Sleep!

When you get less than the optimal 7 hours of sleep, your body starts releasing hormones that among other things, cause you to gain weight. Making sure to prioritize sleep when traveling will also help to alleviate any jet lag symptoms.

6 – Don’t skip breakfast!

Most travelers fall into this trap, and it can wreak havoc on your waistline! Make sure to eat a filling breakfast that has fiber and protein to keep you satiated. That being said, free hotel breakfasts often include pastries, cereals, and a multitude of sugary, refined flour foods, so make sure to stay far away from those options. Choose eggs with vegetables or oatmeal with fruit instead.

7 – Boost your immunity!

Traveling unfortunately, often leads to catching a cold. Make sure to take a good quality vitamin C supplement (that doesn’t have unnecessary additives) and a probiotic that has a minimum of 1 billion CFU’s (colony forming units). Staying hydrated will also help boost your immunity. Furthermore, try to incorporate high vitamin C foods at each meal, such as, citrus, strawberries, pineapples, mango, Brussels sprouts, kiwi, papaya, bell peppers, broccoli, and kale.

8 – Remember to Walk

Get extra steps in when you can! Walk to meetings if they are close enough, take the stairs – walk, walk, walk! Those extra steps really add up, and can help to keep your metabolism up while traveling.

9 – Watch Your Alcohol

Keep an eye on alcohol intake. Often when traveling, whether for business or pleasure, cocktails are on the menu. Whether it is a fun friend-filled happy hour or a work networking event, keep tabs on the empty calories associated with alcohol, because they add up fast! Also, after a few too many, it becomes easier to make poor food choices. Additionally, make sure you drink water in between any cocktails, and set a limit for yourself, and switch to water with lemon after. Lastly, ensure you eat a meal before starting to drink. A full stomach will help slow the absorption of alcohol into the body.

10 – Be Smart With Coffee

Watch that cup of joe! When on the go, travelers tend to stop at coffee shops more. Stick to the basic order, and stay very far away from sugary additives. Each sugary coffee order can set you back an average of 400 calories!

Erin ScheriffErin Scheriff


Erin Scheriff is the General Manager of Fortis Fitness & YOGALUX. Originally from the East Coast, she has always been active from a young age; playing softball and basketball in school. After graduating High School, she left New York for Maryland where she earned her B.S. in Biology at Towson University. In 2006 following graduation, Erin decided to escape the cold winters of New York and move 3,000 miles across the country to sunny San Diego! She worked for over 5 years as an Oligonucleotide Biochemist, before leaving to pursue her passion in fitness and nutrition. In addition to being a certified 200 Hour Yoga and Yoga-Sculpt Instructor, Erin is also a Certified Nutritionist Consultant and Certified Clinical Master Herbalist. Her passion is helping people lead healthier and happier lives in any way she can. Working together to create what became Fortis and YOGALUX was the way for her to fulfill that goal. It has been extremely rewarding to Erin to be part of a safe and fun space where people can not only workout and improve their lives physically, but where they can form lasting friendships in a community that enhances their quality of lives both mentally and emotionally as well. In her spare time, Erin can be found working out in the gym, taking classes, running, swimming, cycling, going to the beach, reading, doing yardwork/gardening, helping to run a local non-profit organization, or spending quality time with her family and friends (especially her husband, two young children, and two dogs)!