6 Calorie Burning Exercises To Get You Through Holiday Season!

1- Burpees

Burpees are a simple and effective way to get a total body workout in and burn calories! They can be modified to fit anyone’s ability, or fitness level, you can add weight to make it more challenging, or remove the jumping to make it low impact, the possibilities are endless. You get the full benefits of cardio, strength, core, and more. For the most effective burpee workout, do as many as you can in 1 minute, take a 1-minute recovery and then repeat, trying to beat your record by at least 1 burpee each time. Repeat 3-5 times!

Fortis Fitness Personal Trainer, Tiffany Newlin, NASM, CES

2- Treadmill Sprint Intervals

One of the best ways burn calories and continue to do so throughout the day is with interval sprints. On a treadmill, start by jogging at about 40% of your fastest pace, and do so for 1 minute, turn the speed up to 75-80% of your max and alternate between the two speeds for 15-30 minutes. Not feeling the treadmill, this can be performed outside as well!

Fortis Fitness Personal Trainer, Robert Wessels, NASM, CPT, USATF, USAW

3- Jump Rope

Go back to the schoolyard with this old school, calorie blasting workout. Not only do you work on your cardio, you also work your legs, core, and shoulders! Start with doing 100 reps for 30 seconds and repeat. As you progress you can modify the style of jump, by going on one foot, skips, double-unders, and more!

Fortis Fitness Personal Trainer, Michelle Lovette, CHEK, CNC

4- Mountain Climbers

Work your core, hips, and cardio all in one! In a high plank position, alternate pulling each leg into your abdomen. Increase your pace to as fast and you can. Get the most out of your mountain climbers in 30 second bursts. Want to mix it up and target your obliques? Instead of pulling your knee directly into your stomach, tap your knee to your opposite elbow.

Fortis Fitness Personal Trainer, Savannah Ingold, NASM

5- Medicine Ball Slams

Work on your explosive power and strength by lifting the Medicine Ball over your head and slam it down into the ground. This complete workout will work your legs, core, shoulders, and grip strength, in addition to elevating your heart rate! Do 12-15 reps take a 30-45 second rest, then repeat 3-5 times. Use a weighted Medicine Ball between 8-25lbs.

Fortis Fitness Personal Trainer, Courtney Ragland, ACE

6- Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a great low impact, total body workout. There are many ways to utilize the rower but, doing interval sets or sprints are the most effective for maximum calorie burn!

– Fortis Fitness Personal Trainer, Caroline Bowman, NASM