Hoyan Yu

As if the odd name doesn’t already give it away, Hoyan was born in a small city situated in southeastern China known as Hong Kong. She moved to the United States of America at the age of 11 and has been living here ever since. Even though she is technically Chinese, if you ask her to say anything in her native tongue, she will probably stall a little as her Mandarin/Cantonese skill is comparable to that of a 5th grader – slightly broken. She might not be the best when it comes to foreign communication, but she certainly tries her best to deliver the best experience for anyone she comes in contact with. With the power of timely coincidence, you might just spot her making coffee at the cat cafe down the street or driving around town aimlessly with her friends. A playful Gemini at heart, other than working on her academics, Hoyan is just a careless free soul who simply loves to have fun. And if you do mispronounce her name on accident, no worries, she is always open for new nicknames to add to her growing collection.