At Fortis & YOGALUX, our Core Values are the essence of our company’s identity.  They support our vision, shape our culture, and reflect our ideals of the company - creating an unwavering and unchanging guide for all in our community to follow.


  • Make someone’s day everyday
  • Be serious about the task at hand, but have fun doing it
  • Be energetic! The vibe attracts the tribe
  • Show appreciation and gratitude to clients
  • Lead an active, healthy, lifestyle and practice what we preach
  • Always love what you do


  • Provide a safe environment for our clients and our employees
  • Responsibly take care of children
  • Nurture individuals to achieve their goals
  • Put the clients’ well-being first


  • Foster the close-knit, community known as our “Fortis Family”
  • Offer motivation and encouragement to everyone to reach their goals
  • Provide a family friendly experience
  • Give back to our local community


  • Be empathetic to the needs of the client
  • Treat each client and peer with the utmost respect
  • Respect yourself: make time for your health and personal well-being
  • Always stay focused and engaged


  • Always exceed expectations
  • Continuously strive to be your best
  • Exemplify a morally responsible character
  • Keep a clean and “show room ready” facility
  • Employ high caliber staff, instructors, and trainers
  • Provide an exceptional, well-rounded experience