We have every flavor, variety and twist on a class we can think of. Come in to try something new or hit your favorite class.

What is the significance of the name FORTIS and LUX (in YOGALUX)?

Fortis: Means strength in Latin. We strive to build physical and mental strength. BE STRONG. LUX: Yoga with a hint of style and luxury, something everyone can appreciate. BE INSPIRED.

See the more in-depth class descriptions below to get a better understanding of each class, the intensity, temperature and length. If you are a beginner, expert or fall somewhere in the middle, we have a class for you.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • All classes can be adapted to any level. Listen to your body, ask your instructor questions and you will find your groove.
  • Bring a towel and water to all classes and don’t forget a mat for yoga.
  • Yoga comes in 3 different heat intensities: room temperature, warm and hot.
Got an idea for something new? Drop us a creative suggestion!

LUX Yoga Flow
Fortis Boot Camp
LUX Yoga-Sculpt
LUX Barre
LUX Barre (non-heated)
LUX LIIT Barre (Low Impact Interval Training)
LUX Cycling
Box & Burn
LUX Restorative Candlelight
Agility Barre®
LUX Kids Yoga

Yoga Classes

Boot Camp

Indoor Cycling

Barre and Yoga Sculpt Classes