Fortis & Yogalux- Healthy Eating

Our bodies are awesome and complex machines. But our hectic lifestyle often lends us to forget to treat them as such. Most people are now learning the importance of exercising, but most of us ignore the one thing that has the biggest impact on our health – nutrition. I’m not just talking about “eating healthy” […]

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Speed Training Drills

Most strength coaches have their “go to” speed training drills they use for training all athletes for speed and they will have some more sports specific drills, as well as, some new ones they are trying out. These drills are intended to improve the athlete’s foot quickness, acceleration ability and power. You will find them […]

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Speed and Agility Workouts

We can take a look at putting together some Speed Workouts and Agility workouts for the youth athlete. Accepting the body science that hereditary muscle make-up has a major influence on your overall speed and agility, all athletes have the capacity to improve their own speed and agility potential through proper training. Understanding that this athlete […]

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