Jenna Worden

Jenna Worden is fitness enthusiast from the Gulf Coast of Alabama where she gained a passion for health and fitness and was a former group fitness instructor. She moved to California with her husband who is an active duty Marine. She enjoys beach days with her two dogs, hiking, yoga, traveling, and cooking. Jenna believes that a healthy, active lifestyle is vital for overall happiness and wellness. She is currently an ISSA certified personal trainer. If you need someone to help keep you accountable and motivated, she aims to make exercise fun and enjoyable. She believes in utilizing functional movements as a foundation for long term success in all activities of daily living. She likes to be creative and try new things and understands the struggle of trying to implement a healthy lifestyle. She knows what it is like to not know where to begin, what to do next, or if you are performing movements correctly. Her main focus is to help people live a happier, healthier lifestyle through a balanced diet and exercise routine and is here to instruct and assist you in reaching your personal health and fitness goals.