Taylor Ramsey

Taylor Ramsey is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, who currently works with Fortis Fitness and Strength Training as a human performance expert and movement-based strength coach in the North County area of San Diego in Southern California.

Upon completion of his undergraduate Exercise Physiology degree, Taylor accepted an internship with the world renowned athletic development system, EXOS in which he would eventually become an EXOS Certified Performance Specialist. Taylor has combined his experience as a D1 athlete with the vocational knowledge earned in the process of becoming certified in corrective exercise prescription, nutrition and strength coaching to then adopt a philosophy for his methodology centered around Mental toughness, plant-based nutrition, pain-free movement and efficient strength in a full range of motion.

Taylor has since completed his Master’s Degree in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Sports Performance Biomechanics. Much of his drive to continue learning in this field and develop further expertise stems from the desire to “pay-it-forward” that which has been so graciously a blessing in his career and young life.

A big part of Taylor’s movement based approach to strength training and conditioning comes from the belief that performance starts with the basic movement patterns that are programmed when athletes are young. He believes that there must be a solid foundation built, based on efficient movement, strength and coordination in order to greatly reduce the incidence of sports related injuries throughout their athletic career

In his most recent opportunity for growth and development, Taylor has now taken the plunge into the world of the Titleist Performance Institute in an effort to further understand and improve the longevity of an aging population of golf enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for Taylors Ramsey’s Approach to “Reduce pain, Return to Play” Golf-Specific Strength and Movement Protocols.