Chas Rodgers

Chas, has a passion for fitness and sports which dates back to his youth, with endeavors in Track and Field, Basketball and Aerobic Fitness Competition on local and national levels. In the early 1990s, his passion for health, fitness and teaching evolved as he became a certified Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer, while an active member of the U S Navy. Chas is certified with The National Academy of Sports Medicine and holds an Advanced Certification for over two decades. He is an author and fitness education presenter, having been a featured speaker and presenter over his career for various programs ranging from Professional Fitness Institute, Connect to Fitness, local and national P. E. Programs advocating for youth involvement in fitness and sports. He is the creator and developer of the F. A. S. T. (Functional Agility Speed Training) and FitWorx LLC. programs for youth, adults and athletes of all levels. Focusing on coaching safe, fun effective total body fitness and conditioning with a targeted focus on starting with the basics of sound biomechanics. Teaching smarter performance and how to properly recover after sports, and exercise to also reduce injury. This programming has been featured with the American Council on Exercise for Continuing Education and his training program has been used from grade school to professional athletes of all levels and representing various sports. “Do Something Fit Today!” Coach Chas has been training, coaching and mentoring clients with various fitness backgrounds and wellness goals for over two decades. If you are ready to do something fit or to get back into your game shape, Coach Chas has programming that will help you go get it and then surpass it!