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Yoga is more than just a physical workout; it is a mindful, personal, thoughtful undertaking. Experienced instructors at YOGALUX are ready to make your connection comfortable and supported, while at the same time challenging and rewarding. Whether you’re new or a veteran yogi, we’ll make sure you feel right at home.

Some of the Many Benefits of Yoga Include:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Better sleep
  • Increased energy levels and focus
  • Injury prevention and/or recovery
  • A more positive outlook and happier disposition
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Weight loss
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Increased body confidence
  • Increased immunity
  • Increased flexibility and joint health

We suggest you try to arrive 15 minutes before class to get to know your teacher and get acclimated to the studio. If joining a group class feels too intimidating for your first class, please speak to a manager about private yoga instruction or read more about private instruction here.

Maybe as a person new to yoga you aren’t ready to dive straight into a membership; with our one month trail at $59 you can come and experience the benefits of yoga with no commitment.

Still have more questions about yoga? Check out some FAQs here:

Frequently Asked Yoga Questions:

  1. What can yoga do for me?
    A lot of us look to yoga for the physical benefits such as increased flexibility and strength, weight-loss, improved balance and better sleep. Another reason many individuals practice yoga is to reduce our stress and add balance back into our lives. Yoga can do all the above and more, but just like anything else, you have to practice.
  2. I’m not flexible, can I still practice yoga?
    Yes! Yoga isn’t about being flexible; although it can help to increase your range of motion when you have a consistent practice. In addition, yoga is a great complement to activities that tend to limit or decrease our flexibility, such as running and strength training.
  3. How often should I practice yoga?
    While a daily practice is ideal, a varied practice of at least 2-3 classes a week can benefit you greatly. A great compliment to yoga is our group exercise classes, check out what we offer
  4. What should I wear to yoga class?
    Please come in comfortable, breathable clothing in which you can easily move your body and sweat.
  5. What should I bring to yoga class?
    All you need is your yoga mat, towel and water, that’s it! If you forget or don’t have these items, don’t worry, we have them in the studio for you to rent or purchase.
  6. I have some injuries, (back, neck, knees etc). Can I still practice yoga?
    After speaking with your medical provider to make sure it is safe for you to begin a yoga practice, yoga can help you stretch the injured muscles and tissues and strengthen the supportive structures around them. Please make sure that you let the studio and your yoga teacher know about these specific injuries.
  7. Do you have any new student specials?
    Yes! Any new student can enjoy 1 Free Class, follow that we do offer 30 days of unlimited classes for $59! Come in to purchase!
  8. What class should I start with?
    We recommend starting with our customized class, Gentle Flow or a Yoga Flow, even if you are currently practicing yoga. This class is designed for our staff to learn about your needs and help you choose classes and get the most out of your time on your mat.
  9. How early should I arrive for class?
    Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class so we can welcome you and help you get comfortable in the studio. Check in at the front desk and store your belongings in the locker room or in the cubbies outside the studio.
  10. What is “yoga etiquette”?
    Yoga etiquette can be described as the universal rules of all yoga studios. We encourage a community atmosphere at the studio, so feel free to chat outside of the practice room.
  11. What is Savasana?
    At the end of class we will finish with savasana, or “corpse pose”. This pose is just as important to your practice as the rest of the class. Savasana allows your body to integrate the practice you just completed and help you release any final tension in your body and mind.