Private Instruction

Any of our Yoga and Group Exercise classes can be scheduled privately in a 1-on-1 format. Whether you are recovering from an injury, looking for some individual attention before your first class, or trying to overcome a plateau, schedule a Private Instructional Hour today. Impress your friends with your rhythm, take a private Zumba lesson, get the moves down and wow your pals with some cha-cha-cha.

Benefits of Private Instruction:

  • Personalized program design
    Work one-on-one with the instructor to tailor a yoga practice or personal training workout based on your own needs. Whether you want to lose weight, address a specific ailment or injury, or deepen your spiritual or physical practice, private yoga and fitness are an efficient way to achieve your goals.
  • Schedule flexibility
    You decide the day and time that is most convenient to you. Similar to personal training, it’s up to you. You call the shots and we’ll make it happen. Learn an indoor cycling routine and then train on our stationary bike or bike trainer at home when it is convenient for you.
  • Stress-free introduction to yoga and fitness
    Understandably, some people can be intimidated to try anything for the first time. With Private Instruction, you learn and gain confidence at your own pace.
  • Overcome your “plateau”
    We all get frustrated when we stop seeing the results we experience early on. Beat the frustration and push through that spot in your intermediate practice. Get the individual instruction and reap the benefits. Master that one yoga pose that has eluded you with an hour or two of private instruction. Use the individual attention to help guide you through the more complicated postures and exercises to develop and extend your yoga practice through repetition and adjustments.
  • Develop a home practice
    Some individuals like to create a custom practice that they can do on their own to in addition to their group classes. Your instructor can create a home workout for you based on your current skill level. Take your custom yoga practice or TRX workout with you. TRX was created to be a full body workout when you have limited access to equipment and space- the perfect workout to take on the road. While traveling it might be difficult to find a gym that suits you. Don’t fret, use your custom routine and enjoy a complete workout in your living room, hotel room or on a beach in the Mediterranean. Regardless of your schedule, private instruction means that you won’t miss out on a workout because of a class time that you just can’t fit into your schedule.


Don’t forget we offer Personal, Semi-private and Group Training. Classes are a great way to get your hour in, but training can turn up the efficiency of an hour of exercise. Our experienced trainers pack your hour with techniques that are tailored to you and your specific goals. Learn more about our training options here.

Contact us HERE to schedule a private instruction hour.