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Fortis and YOGALUX - The one membership you need for Hot Yoga, Group Exercise, Cycling and Personal Training. 70 classes weekly in 1 LUXury facility.

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Fortis’ Personal and Group Training sessions incorporate 9 functional movements into your workout along with the latest in equipment and proven techniques to help you meet your goals.

9 Functional Movements:

  1. Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Abduction/adduction
  4. Flexion
  5. Extension
  6. Rotation
  7. Push
  8. Pull
  9. Overhead press

Whether you are a professional athlete, trying to tone up, or just looking to start a workout regimen to lose weight, Fortis’ Personal Training is here to help you reach your strength and fitness goals.

Fortis Training Options:

  • One on one Personal Training
  • Semi-private (2 on 1)
  • Small Group Training (3+)

Training is also available for youth and young adult clients. Youth training is for under 18 years of age. Adult is 18 and over.

Benefits of Personal Training:

  • Provides accountability
  • Individualized structured program design
  • Pushes clients with consistent, non-judgmental support
  • Maximizes workout in minimum amount of time
  • Proper technique and form
  • Encompasses all areas of fitness, including nutrition
  • Results

Sessions are led by our licensed personal trainers; all of whom are certified by CSCS, ATC, NCSF and NESTA with fitness related degrees. A minimum of two one-hour sessions per week are recommended to maximize results.

Our state of the art training facility allows for personalized training programs; including the latest in equipment and a turf area for sport specific agility drills. TRX, cardio, free weights and strength machines, we have it all.

Fortis’ Strength and Conditioning room includes:

  • Keiser running machine
  • Squat rack
  • Vibration platform
  • High-speed treadmill reaching 30MPH
  • TRX frame 47 feet long with monkey bars
  • Ellipticals and bikes
  • Free weights
  • Machines
  • Kettlebells, Slamballs and more!


Each of our members receive an initial fitness assessment and consultation by a trainer. The assessment includes a series of tests, which are done through our Polar BodyAge System. Body tests include height, weight, blood pressure, body fat, and postural analysis. Strength tests include a bicep curl, crunch, pushup, wall-sit, and a sit and reach test. Fortis’ initial consultation assessment also includes questionnaires related to stress, nutrition, and sleep patterns to help target specific improvement areas. Testing determines a “physical body age” which creates a starting point for each training program designed to lower body age to one’s true age. The system is a great tool in tracking one’s progress on paper, throughout the training program.

Basic Benefits of the Polar BodyAge Assessment System:

  •  Evaluate clients current fitness level
  • Reveal members exercise history
  • Set short-term and long-term goals
  • Discuss current nutrition and provide nutrition plan
  • Review medical history
  • Observe imbalances, asymmetries, and restrictions the body may have
  • Prevent injury
  • Creates accountability
  • Enhances relationships with clients by tracking individual progress
  • Results are tangible

Set up your initial assessment with any one of our certified trainers.
Are you a New Personal Training client at Fortis? Get your first package of 2 personal training sessions at $60. That’s $30/session (new Personal Training customers only)! After completing your 2 introductory sessions, Fortis members get a 10% discount on any personal training package. Training sessions can be purchased in packages for a greater savings. See our pricing page for the menu of options.


 Regular PricingPrice/SessionPre-sale and Promotional
Individual SessionBuy Now$75.00$75.00
Individual Youth SessionBuy Now$65.00$65.00
Semi-Private Adult (2)Buy Now$45.00$45.00
Semi-Private Youth (2)Buy Now$40.00$40.00
Group Adult (3+)Buy Now$35.00$35.00
Group Youth (3+)Buy Now$30.00$30.00
2 Sessions *limited time offerCall or Come in to Purchase$60.00
6 Sessions (Youth)Buy Now$360.00$60.00
12 Sessions (Youth)Buy Now$660.00$55.00
6 Sessions (Adult)Buy Now$420.00$70.00
12 Sessions (Adult)Buy Now$780.00$65.00
24 SessionsBuy Now$1,440.00$60.00
Semi-Private 6 Sessions (Youth)Buy Now$210.00$35.00
Semi-Private 12 Sessions (Youth)Buy Now$360.00$30.00
Semi-Private 6 SessionsBuy Now$240.00$40.00
Semi-Private 12 SessionsBuy Now$420.00$35.00
Group 6 SessionsBuy Now$180.00$30.00
Group 12 SessionsBuy Now$300.00$25.00
Group 6 Sessions (Youth)Buy Now$150.00$25.00
Group 12 Sessions (Youth)Buy Now$240.00$20.00