Fortis Group Exercise

Fortis and YOGALUX - The one membership you need for Hot Yoga, Group Exercise, Cycling and Personal Training. 70 classes weekly in 1 LUXury facility.

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With over 30 classes a week, there is a Group Exercise class that caters to every fitness goal and level. Everyone from beginners to experts are welcome. Classes include Boot Camp, TRX, Body Sculpt, Boxing and more.

High intensity-big impact classes are inherently motivating for a number of reasons:

  • Provides a fun, social setting. Make new friends and get involved in the community.
  • Classes are led by an Instructor you can trust as an expert. Not only are instructors certified, they are passionate – they love the workout as much as you do.
  • Group workout settings will CHALLENGE YOU and the others to work harder together!
  • Set class times become workout “appointments” and keep you accountable.
  • 45 minutes to one hour class length encourage members to go harder and train longer.
  • Our Instructors crank up the Intensity to BURN MORE CALORIES. Music makes exercise easier; get lost in your favorite song and before you know it, you’ve made it through a challenging workout.
  • End result = feel happier, healthier, be more fit and look your best!

FORTIS has an extensive selection of Group Exercise classes to help you modify and intensify your routine in a fun, up-beat, high energy setting.
Classes are designed to build and improve strength, balance and flexibility. Choose a favorite, or something brand new. Meet like-minded enthusiasts in a fast paced group setting. Get your heart pumping and have a blast! Workout to fun, creative styles of music, we mix it up to keep you working hard! Whatever your fitness level, instructors will give you individual attention and modifications based on their workout level. Get motivated and inspired by the rest of the team’s work rate, enthusiasm and commitment to personal fitness. The end result: Burn more fat and produce healthy, lean muscle!

We have classes that are held in both our Group Exercise studio and also on the turf in the Personal Training Studio. Studios include natural light, solid wood activity floors, mirrors, ballet barre and operable windows for fresh air (to balance out the heat, humidity or conditioned air) when you need it.
We use props to engage in different activities and just to keep it fresh; i.e., Jump Ropes, Bosu Balls, Weighted balls, Resistance Bands, Free Weights, Dumbbells, and Steps.
Don’t be surprised if your instructor hits you with a full-body blast of cardio and weight training. From bear crawls to Bosu squats, kettle bell swings to wall ball throws, we can and WILL do it all!

Class times are convenient, ranging from 5:30AM-9:15PM. (Click here for our schedule) Check out our Class Descriptions and Times to find a Class to match your Schedule and Fitness Goals.

Looking for something NEW and DYNAMIC?

Collapse the bi-folding door between studios 1 & 2 to make room for 100 people and turn up the volume! It’s a great space for workshops and large events that we host every other weekend. Alternating Saturdays, we host a 90 minute specialty class where we go big, add the DJ or live musician- we do our best to keep you guessing as to what’s coming up next. Check the schedule, be adventurous and burn calories in a way that’s both fun and challenging.